Macomb Township Elections

Early In-Person Voting

What is Early Voting?

In November 2022, Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that gives voters the right to vote early and in person at early voting sites before statewide and federal elections. Early voting allows a voter to cast a ballot before Election Day, in an experience similar to voting on Election Day. During the early voting period, voters are issued a ballot and can then insert their ballot directly into a tabulator at their early voting site.

Where Can I Vote Early?

Early Voting will be conducted in the Macomb Township Recreation Center located at:

20699 Macomb Street

When Can I Vote Early?

The early voting period in Macomb Township will begin on the second Saturday prior to an election and last nine (9) days until the Sunday prior to an election. The early voting center will be open for voting eight (8) hours per day from 09:00AM until 05:00PM during the early voting period.

Is Early Voting Secure?

Just like voting on Election Day, there are multiple security reviews and checks and balances in the early voting process. Strict security protocols are enforced to make sure Macomb Township’s election system is among the strongest and most secure in the state.

 Voting equipment used to tabulate ballots are certified by the bipartisan Board of State Canvassers and tested by local election officials before use during early voting.

 All voters are checked in at their early voting site to make sure they are registered to vote, and that they have not already voted, before they are issued a ballot.

 The early voting electronic pollbook prevents double voting by providing regular updates on voter activity, reflecting when a voter has cast a ballot or been issued an absentee ballot.

 Bipartisan groups of election inspectors run early voting sites under the supervision of local clerks.

 Voters cast their ballot using paper ballots which are then stored in secure, sealed ballot containers.

 Precinct results from ballots cast at early voting sites are not posted until after polls close at 8 p.m. on election night so that no early election results are known or made public.

 All early voting site results are reviewed by the bipartisan Board of County Canvassers before certification. Early voting ballots are available for recounts and audits like all other ballots.

How Can I Vote Early?